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Welcome to Moellendorf & Company, your dedicated partner for cross-border acquisitions, real estate projects, and renewable energy advisory services. Our expertise lies in facilitating smooth international transactions, ensuring effortless transitions across the borders.

In real estate we excel in managing projects, adhering to industry standards for commercial, residential, and hospitality ventures.

Explore our sustainable investment opportunities in renewable energy initiatives, where financial prosperity meets environmental responsibility.

Collaborate with us to access precise, customized solutions that steer your investments with unwavering expertise and confidence.

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Our Services



Cross-Border M&A 

For over 30 years we specialize in streamlining the complexities of cross-border mergers and acquisitions in Central Europe by understanding the legal, cultural, and financial nuances, ensuring secure and profitable international investments


Real Estate projects

In real estate we focus on detailed approach in each stage of the project whether in commercial, residential or hospitality sector ensuring well-planned, efficiently executed investments meeting the highest industry standards


Renewable energy 

In our newest fiel of activity we specialise in renewable energy initiatives, co-investing and advising on solar and wind projects in Central and Eastern Europe, offering eco-friendly opportunities for both financial returns and environmental impact

Our Presence

With a strong network of partners, we have successfully completed numerous projects and served a diverse range of clients in Central and Eastern Europe. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. We take pride in our professional journey and core values, which drive us to deliver exceptional results. Get to know us better and discover how we can add value to your business. Join us on this exciting journey!



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